Service Optimization & Innovation

Ming Yi has observed that the "lean approach" and "design thinking" from Silicon Valley's startup model have begun to be applied to nonprofit organizations worldwide, effectively assisting NPOs in achieving their goals more easily. To encourage partners to try these methods, we have developed relevant courses tailored to the situations and needs of NPOs, offering a method for service optimization and innovation.

Ming Yi also periodically launches the "Lean Development Program," inviting NPO partners to participate in a series of courses with their own service plans. Additionally, scholarships are provided to participants to encourage everyone to fully experience the methods of service optimization and innovation.

Organizational Management

By listening to the needs of NPO workers, we design courses to enhance leadership and personal awareness, as well as provide a platform for supervisor communication and support. This enables partners to gain genuine growth from within, thereby driving team development and advancing towards the organizational vision.

Application of AI Technology

Ming Yi offers practical AI empowerment resources for NPO workers, allowing them to understand the possibilities of AI applications and encouraging their implementation. This helps workers to unleash their full potential in their roles.

Other Tools
Ming Yi Psychological Assessment Database

The Ming Yi research team searches for relevant psychological scales abroad, confirms their good reliability and validity, obtains authorization from the original authors abroad, and translates the scales into Chinese versions. These are provided free of charge for non-profit projects to assist in understanding the psychological growth and changes of service recipients or workers. Currently, the database includes 16 psychological concepts, including emotional regulation, self-awareness, self-acceptance, positive interpersonal relationships, self-control, and resilience/recovery, among others.

The three main features of this database are: few scale items, free application, and no need to return results. We welcome interested partners to apply.
Psychological Assessment Database