People change, so does society.

We value people's internal needs because changes coming from within are genuine. We believe in the power of feedback because truthful feedback allows us to detect our blind spots and opportunities to change. We strive to create an inclusive, safe environment so as to obtain healthy feedback in Ming Yi and grow with peace of mind. We not only care about improving work skills but also hope that our colleagues and partners can improve themselves, as well as demonstrate a willingness to exert a positive influence on society!

Team Culture

We are passionate about new knowledge, willing to embrace challenges and refrain from criticizing others because everyone's opinions and thoughts are valuable. By learning from setbacks and finding a way to cooperate through communication, we can assemble a cohesive research team. We are rational and sensitive at the same time, generating sparks of creativity amid a playful, fun ambiance. Embracing work and life with a humorous attitude allows us to perceive social problems in a positive light on the path to finding answers. We believe in the common good and mutual assistance for them. Let us inspire more diverse possibilities!

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We explore the truth of benevolence
with an authentic heart.
We reflect to achieve
We study knowledge across diverse fields to constantly attain refinement through discipline.
We possess a humane heart and believe
in the impact of people.
Angela Lin
Director, Grantmaking & NPO Transformation  Program
Working at Ming Yi is pleasant, I feel a sincere, open workplace culture where I can truly be myself. Amid such ambiance, I am able to eliminate obstacles that can affect me, thereby enabling me to unleash my full potential and challenge the unknown. I am glad to work alongside my partners in the organization.
Jyun Yuan
Project Manager
At MingYi, I can express myself authentically. Meanwhile, it provides opportunities to learn and research. Through absorbing knowledge from different disciplines, I can reflect on and enrich myself, elevate my ability and bring positive impact to the society.

We always open to talents, recommend yourself!

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