My Relief - Basis and Method

Beyond the visible muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems, there lies a rather mysterious and yet profound "energy system." This system, often likened to a vast battery, ensures the seamless functioning of the body's components. This concept of "energy," though elusive and not akin to known forms of electromagnetic energy, shares similarities with what is traditionally known in Chinese medicine as "qi." Despite its intangible nature, the effects of this energy can be observed indirectly, similar to witnessing the impact of the wind on leaves. A healthy flow of this energy signifies a state of well-being, whereas disruptions or blockages suggest health issues, mirroring the obstruction in a flowing stream that needs clearing.

Inspired by non-allopathic theories, the approach behind My Relief is based on understanding the body's energetic responses to various substances in its environment, where negative energetic reactions are believed to lead to allergic reactions or diseases. By then reconditioning the body’s energy system, negative reactions are neutralized, and energy flow disruptions are prevented.

Led by a National Taiwan University Hospital physician, the Healing Source Center has developed a digital tool that enables such energy system reconditioning. This tool integrates traditional energy balancing understandings, including those from Chinese medicine's 12 meridian system and psychosomatic adjustments, to help individuals manage allergic responses. This conditioning process is non-invasive, and can be performed easily over a few minutes using a mobile device. This innovative approach aims to harness the body’s innate healing capabilities and symbolizes a convergence between ancient wisdom and modern technology.