Finding the right partners

In search of team members and NPOs who share our vision, to resolve social issues through the path of authenticity, reflection, discipline, and Humane, to become our partners.

Developing Effective Programs

Combining knowledge in various fields to determine the most innovative, optimal, and effective way to enhance the beneficiary's potential in a bid to resolve social issues.

Disciplined Thinking and Reflection

Utilizing different activities and opportunities to constantly learn and reflect.

Supporting Our Partners to Unleash Their Potential

Enlightening and enabling our partners to unleash their potential, turning more people into Human Change Agents that can engender social impact.


Inspired by Mencius, Chapter Jin-Xin, we believe after basic material conditions are met, everyone is capable of unleashing their potential, and become better selves through Authenticity, Reflection, Discipline, and Humane.


Our Core Competencies

By combining western science, Chinese  philosophy, business acumen, social sector experience, technology, and psychology, we believe that we can research ways to attain social issue innovation and optimization.

Combining modern technology applications with practical skills.
Possessing business strategic management and thinking ability.
Materializing the spirit of Western scientific research – Investigation and Validation.
Combining the theories and practice of modern psychological science.
Building on the first-hand experience and learning from NPOs.
Incorporating the Chinese philosophy of benevolence to others.